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Energy Saving Must Haves

3 Energy Saving Must Haves

When it comes to saving energy, we all think it’s a good idea.

Sure, let’s save energy–that’s better for the world, right? But what does that actually mean?

Little do we know that everyday people can make a great impact with a few simple decisions, specifically when it it comes to choosing products for your home or office. Nowadays, there are hundreds of new products available that really do save energy and offer consumers many benefits (lower energy bills and really savvy technology).

If you’re not up-to-date on what’s been happening with these smart, energy-saving devices, no worries. We decided to weed through the hundreds of items to decide which are the most convenient, affordable and energy-efficient for everyday people like ourselves.

  1. Smart Thermostat

If you’ve not seen these, let us introduce you to your new best friend. There’s really nothing bad to say about these user-friendly smart thermostats. In a nutshell, these little guys learn your cooling and heating preferences, track your schedule, and take control of your heating and cooling in a way that for real, saves you some big money. The EPA’s Energy Star program estimates that programmable or smart thermostats can save households up to $180 each year—that’s some big money!

How does it work?

A smart thermostat is just that—smart. It takes the hassle out of adjusting the temperature, and probably most importantly, detects whether or not you’re at home and adjusts the temperature accordingly. And it does all this with a dual purpose of saving energy (which also means saving money.)

  1. Energy Management Systems

While an energy management system might not seem most practical for smaller homes, investing in this energy-efficient, money-saving network is definitely worth it if you’re spending big money every year on your energy bill.

In a nutshell, an energy management system combines energy generation, storage, control and management, all into one connected system that yields numerous positive results. For the consumer, this means a system that communicates, both with and without you. That communication does things like controlling on/off switches, raising/lowering temperature controls, movement detection and more. And while it might not sound too impressive or worth the set-up cost, it yields major savings on your electric bill.

One of the advantages of these systems is that they can adapt to your household/company’s individual needs, regardless of how big or small they might be. And while the front-end expense might seem costly, you’ll definitely make up the difference by the amount you’ll save on your monthly bills.

  1. Energy Star Appliances

We’ve been seeing this little Energy Star logo for awhile now, and really, it’s somewhat paved the way for other energy-saving technologies into the home. The Energy Star label is a government-backed symbol that identifies products or technologies that serve the dual purpose of protecting the environment and conserving energy (and saving money!) In order for a product to earn this label, it is thoroughly tested by the EPA. Even if it costs a little more than other appliances, the label guarantees the difference will be recovered through energy bills savings.

Sounds like an obvious choice, right?

Well, it is. And thanks to companies who are working hard to provide us with more options, we can now find hundreds of Energy Star appliances—everything from refrigerators to telephones and deep freezers to light bulbs! So next time you’re out shopping for appliances, make sure that looking for this label is at the top of your list!


When we think about upgrading our home to be “energy-saving,” we usually think of dishing out thousands of dollars for high-tech gadgets that we probably don’t really need. And in some cases, that could be true. (I mean, do we really need to say “open garage door” into our watch?) However, these 3 devices are consumer-friendly and cost effective ways to save energy and over time, save some real money.

Have you found another product or gadget for your home that saves energy? Leave a comment & tell us!

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