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AAA Discounts for Ohio

Volunteer Energy is proud to partner with AAA Ohio to offer members discounted natural gas and electricity.

Just like AAA provides peace of mind for your car, Volunteer Energy provides peace of mind for your utility budget. We protect you from rate spikes and surges with our fixed rate plans, and offer potential savings with our guaranteed savings and variable rate plans.

Enrolling with Volunteer Energy is easy – use one of the links below to sign up online and start saving today. You’ll see your exclusive AAA member rate on your next utility bill.

As a AAA Ohio member, you get more than a great rate. You also get a complimentary stainless steel travel mug as a thank you gift.

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AAA Electricity Rates

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 AEP Ohio

$0.0579/per kWh

12 month fixed rate

First Energy

$0.0579/per kWh

12 month fixed rate

AAA Natural Gas Rates

Call our office at 800-977-8374 for information on natural gas rates.

Answers to those burning questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't know I could select my natural gas supplier. How does this work?
Gas Customer Choice is a program developed to open competition in the natural gas industry and is offered to eligible utility customers. Gas Customer Choice allows you to choose a price plan for your home or business from a licensed supplier like Volunteer Energy, with delivery and billing still provided through the utility.

When you select Volunteer Energy as your gas through the Customer Choice program, you are still considered a customer of the utility and will experience no interruption of service.  The utility will continue to: Deliver natural gas to your home or business; read your meter; respond to all service calls and send you a monthly bill.

If I enroll with Volunteer Energy will my utility company change?
No. Your utility company remains the same.  when you enroll, Volunteer Energy becomes your natural gas supplier which determines the price you pay for your natural gas supply.  The utility will continue to deliver your natural gas, read your meter, respond to all service calls and send you a monthly bill. The only difference will be the price you pay for your natural gas.
Is the Gas Customer Choice Program an approved program by my utility?
Yes it is. Volunteer Energy is certified as a natural gas supplier in seven states and serves nearly 1 million Residential Customer Equivalents (RCEs) throughout the Midwest.
If I choose Volunteer Energy for my natural gas supply, do I need to call my utility to let them know?
No. When you sign up with Volunteer Energy, we will contact your utility and notify them that you’ve chosen us as your natural gas supplier. No one will need to come your home or business and you will not experience any interruption of service.
Can I still get budget billing?
Yes. If you are in the budget billing program now, nothing will change. If you would like to sign up for budget billing, contact your utility.
How long does it take to start receiving my new Volunteer Energy rate?
Usually your service with VE will start one billing cycle after sign up.  You’ll see Volunteer Energy appear on your bill as your natural gas supplier.
What if I have a question regarding my bill?
Call us at 800-977-8374 with any questions on the cost of your natural gas, and call your utility for all other questions