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The Power of Value

The Volunteer Energy Story

Volunteer Energy is a leading Midwestern natural gas and electricity supplier. Our mission is to help our customers control energy costs with value based products.

For 20 years, family-owned Volunteer Energy has been a trusted partner to both residential energy and business energy customers across Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. We’ve always focused on creating long term customer relationships by listening to what customers want and responding with products that meet those needs.

Keeping our customers first has helped Volunteer Energy grow in size to over 600,000 residential customer equivalents (RCEs). But that’s only the beginning as we continue to expand and grow. During 2019, Volunteer Energy launched as an electricity supplier and is now supplying power to over 30,000 business electricity and residential electricity customers in Ohio.

At Volunteer Energy it’s not all about business though. Our company takes an active role in supporting organizations throughout the communities we serve. These include the Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, Freedom a la Cart – offering hope, support and workforce training to survivors of human trafficking and the Clark Runck Foundation, which provides financial assistance to families in need.

Across the Midwest, Volunteer Energy is working to be the community-focused energy company people can depend on.

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Energy Savings Tips

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Company News

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The Dish on Deregulation

Customer Choice

Energy Customer Choice Explained

Over two decades ago, Energy Customer Choice programs were developed by many state governments to end regulated energy pricing and open competition in the natural gas and electricity industries. Now customers have the power to choose an energy supplier. Thanks to these energy choice programs, you now have options when it comes to purchasing natural gas or electricity for your home or business.

Because the utility owns and maintains the gas pipes and electricity lines in your community, you cannot change utility companies. So, when you choose to participate in energy choice, you remain a customer of your local utility. The energy choice program simply allows you to choose a price plan from a licensed energy supplier like Volunteer Energy, with delivery, billing and service calls still provided through your utility.

Choosing Volunteer Energy

When you select Volunteer Energy as your supplier we make the process simple. There are no hidden fees and you will not experience any interruption of service. The utility will continue to:

  • Deliver natural gas to your home or business
  • Read your meter
  • Respond to all service calls
  • Send you a monthly bill. Volunteer Energy will simply appear on your bill as your selected natural gas supplier.

As one of the largest retail gas suppliers in the nation, Volunteer Energy can supply natural gas for your home or business at very competitive pricing.


Learn More About Energy Choice

Volunteer Energy currently serves natural gas and electricity customers in select markets.