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Energy Saving Must Haves

3 Energy Saving Must Haves

When it comes to saving energy, we all think it’s a good idea. Sure, let’s save energy–that’s better for the world, right? But what does that actually mean? Little do we know that everyday people can make a great impact with a few simple decisions, specifically when it it comes to choosing products for your […]

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What to Know About Your Gas Bill

If you’re one of those people who goes through the mail and just tosses bills in a pile (uh, like us), you’re not alone. After initially setting up your gas service, it’s likely that you, like most of us, pay little or no attention to what actually comes each month from the utility company. Well, […]

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Best Detroit Restaurants for Lunch

5 of the Best Detroit Restaurants for Lunch

While being in the on-again, off-again spotlight over the past years for their weakening economy, the new Detroit restaurants scene is gaining rave reviews. Entrepreneurial foodies are reviving the city with bold flavors and offering professionals many options, often making the decision on where to grab your lunch a little more difficult. Whether you’re in […]

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3 Tips for Perfecting Your Grill Skills

Put away the snow boots and shovels, spring has arrived! Well. We hope. With one of the toughest winters in recent years, it seems like the dreadful season of snow and ice—and more snow and more ice— has finally disappeared. Temperatures are rising, and heavy winter coats are being replaced by short-sleeve shirts. All these […]

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What Exactly is Natural Gas?

Over 4,400 Google searches are performed each month with the search query, “What is Natural Gas?” Despite the ever-constant political debate and media attention surrounding natural gas, it is apparent that many Google enthusiasts, and likely many others, are unaware of the attributes and benefits of this clean energy source. At Volunteer Energy, we supply natural gas […]

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Columbia Gas Asks Customers to Conserve During Cold Weather

IMPORTANT INFORMATION RELEASED BY COLUMBIA GAS OF OHIO Anticipating substantially colder than normal temperatures this week, Columbia Gas of Ohio is asking its customers to reduce their natural gas use as much as appropriate during the latest onslaught of arctic weather. “Customers who reduce their natural gas use this week will do two very important […]

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