Energy Deregulation & Energy Customer Choice Programs Benefits

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Customer Choice & Energy Derugulation

Energy Customer Choice Programs & Energy Deregulation Explained

Energy Customer Choice programs have been developed by state governments to end utility monopolies on energy pricing by opening competition in the natural gas and electricity industries. In a deregulated state, the customer has the power to choose an energy supplier, rather then purchase the natural gas or electricity from the utility.

In these energy choice programs, the utility company continues to deliver the electricity and natural gas to the customer’s home or business. Because the local utility owns and maintains the gas pipes and electricity lines, customers cannot change utility companies. The choice program simply allows customers to choose a price plan from a licensed energy supplier like Volunteer Energy, with delivery, billing and service calls still typically provided through the utility.

Choosing Volunteer Energy
When you select Volunteer Energy as your supplier, you are still considered a customer of the utility and will experience no interruption of service. The utility will continue to:

  • Deliver natural gas to your home or business
  • Read your meter
  • Respond to all service calls
  • Send you a monthly bill. Volunteer Energy will simply appear on your bill as your selected natural gas supplier.

Learn More About Energy Customer Choice

You may contact your state’s public service commission to learn more about the gas customer choice program in your area. (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky )

As one of the largest retail gas suppliers in the nation, Volunteer Energy can supply natural gas for your home or business at very competitive pricing. Guaranteed Savings, Fixed Rate Plans and Variable rate plan options are available in select markets. You choose the plan that works best for your home or business.