Detroit Restaurants | 5 Best Lunch Spots for Visitors, Business & More
Best Detroit Restaurants for Lunch

5 of the Best Detroit Restaurants for Lunch

While being in the on-again, off-again spotlight over the past years for their weakening economy, the new Detroit restaurants scene is gaining rave reviews. Entrepreneurial foodies are reviving the city with bold flavors and offering professionals many options, often making the decision on where to grab your lunch a little more difficult.

Whether you’re in town for a few days of business or just looking for a new place to try with your colleagues, here are a few of our top choices for a great lunch in Detroit. (Psst… looking for breakfast options? See our favorite Detroit breakfast spots here.)

Our Favorite Detroit Restaurants & Lunch Spots

Selden Standard Detroit

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Selden Standard    3921 Second Avenue

Some restaurants are all about the food. Some restaurants are all about the drinks. At Selden Standard, it’s about about, well, everything. The attention-to-detail in this place is pretty outrageous and evident in everything from the small, personalized menu to the unique beverage and bar selections. Partner and Executive Chef Andy Hollyday’s extensive resume gives him all the skills needed to create a constantly evolving menu that captures flavors from local farms, served small-plate style in sharable portions. This place is new and growing fans by the minute so expect to wait a little while or go ahead and make a reservation.


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Mudgie’s Deli        1300 Porter Street

Long been hailed as having Detroit’s best sandwiches, Mudgie’s Deli is the place to go for a fresh, high-quality sandwich. They roast all their own meats and have found ways to make even the most popular of sandwiches incredibly unique. The house favorite is the Mudgie, which features Michigan-raised, grass-fed beef brisket and house-roasted turkey breast with some veggies and on onion roll. Or if you want something that might be a little more familiar, try the Madill, a turkey and bacon sub with bacon and avocado. Everything about these sandwiches are pretty outstanding, even their creative names (Um, “Leggo My Dago?” That’s brilliant). This place is tiny, though, so be prepared to wait, sit really up close and personal, or just grab it to go.


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Green Dot Stables     2200 West Lafayette

It is all about the sliders at Green Dot Stables. There’s the catfish, there’s the fried chicken and yes, even the mystery meat! They really do have something for everyone here, and the fact that each is only $3 means you should definitely try a few. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s even a choice between quinoa and a marinated tempeh! There are a few side options but really, come here for some burgers and fries. The fries, by the way, also come served in a variety of ways (truffle & herb, venison chili cheese, la poutine, or cajun).


Ottava Via Detroit

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Ottava Via    1400 Michigan Avenue

If you’ve ever eaten homemade Italian, it doesn’t take long to figure out whether your pasta and pizza is freshly made.So it will only take you a few bites to realize that Ottavia Via is the real thing. Their hand-tossed pizzas with house-made mozzarella are mouth watering and pastas…yeah, well, you just have to try it for yourself. A house favorite is the Truffle Butter Pasta (linguine with mushrooms in a creamy truffle butter) topped with shrimp. You’ll never fail with their pizzas, either, as they’re delightfully crispy yet full of flavor. 313.962.5500


Bucharest Grill Detroit**Photo taken from

Bucharest Grill    2040 Park Avenue; 1623 Michigan Avenue

“So, what is a shawarma?” If you have to ask this question, you’ve probably never been to Bucharest Grill because believe us, it’s pretty unforgettable. This Middle Eastern sandwich is made with beef and chicken spiced meat (or their vegetarian version) and served on pita bread and topped veggies and garlic. While these shawarmas are a house favorite, they have plenty of other delicious items to try from their their stuffed peppers and one of their many gourmet dogs.

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