5 Home Hacks to Save Energy & Money This Summer
money and energy saving tips for summer

Five Home Hacks That Will Help You Save Energy – and Money – This Summer

While the country is spending more time inside, the temperature outside is heating up for what’s expected to be a “hotter-than-average” summer,  which means you’re likely using up more energy than usual and ultimately spending more money. However, we have some simple and easy hacks that will help you use less energy this summer while still keeping the house cool and running efficiently – even if the summer is spent mostly inside.

1. Regularly replace air filters

If your filters are due for a change, it’s crucial to replace them in order to ensure your AC system is running efficiently. It takes more energy to pass clean air through a filter that’s packed with dirt, so it’s worth replacing your filter multiple times throughout the summer to make sure your AC unit isn’t using more energy than necessary.

2. Set your thermostat to 78°F

In the summer, it can be tricky to know where to set your thermostat in order to stay cool without using too much energy. Generally, the best rule of thumb for the summertime is a consistent 78°F in order to keep the house cool while staying energy- and cost-efficient – but this may not be realistic for everyone all of the time. If you need to set the thermostat lower in order to be more comfortable in your home, consider raising the temperature a few degrees at night or before leaving the house.

3. Use ceiling or floor fans

If some rooms in your home tend to be warmer than others, consider using a low-energy ceiling or floor fan to keep the temperature down without changing the setting on your thermostat. For a low-cost fan option, try Amazon, Lowe’s or a local hardware or home store.

4. Upgrade your windows

If your windows aren’t up to date, they might be letting in an unnecessary amount of heat and eating up energy. Examine the quality of your windows and consider replacing them if you notice that they’re single-pane, old or just allowing too much heat inside.

5. Cut back on daytime appliance use

Using appliances such as your oven or dishwasher during the day can generate unwanted heat that will just make it difficult to keep the house cool efficiently. Consider avoiding use of large appliances during the day and instead utilize an outdoor grill to cook your meals or start making more cold dishes such as salads, smoothies or deli style sandwiches.

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