Columbia Gas of Ohio Customers

Get a Better Gas Rate and Save

 It’s time to make sure you’re not overpaying for the gas you use to heat your home or business. The Retail Price Adjustment for Standard Choice Offer participants has now increased to $1.45 per Mcf.   Volunteer Energy would like to offer you the opportunity to lower your rate and save 7%. . 

Each year, under the Standard Choice Offer program, the PUCO holds an auction that determines what the Retail Price Adjustment will be and which natural gas companies are selected to supply Columbia Gas SCO participants with natural gas. The Retail Price Adjustment is fixed for 12 months and is added to the monthly closing NYMEX price for your total monthly rate. Columbia Gas still delivers the gas to your home or business, sends you a monthly bill, and handles all service and emergency calls. If you’re a Standard Choice Offer participant, then you’ll find the name of your current supplier, and the increased Retail Price Adjustment of $1.45 per Mcf on page 2 in the “Detail Charges” portion of your gas bill.

Volunteer Energy will lower your Retail Price Adjustment to $1.3485 per Mcf,
saving you 7%.

This is a great opportunity to save some money and keep your dollars in Ohio, with locally based Volunteer Energy where they create local jobs and make a positive difference in our community. It only takes a few minutes to lower your Retail Price Adjustment to $1.3485 per Mcf and save 7%. There’s no long term contract or cancellation fees either. Just month-to-month.   So, do it today.  Put Volunteer Energy on your gas bill and save!


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SCO Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SCO customer and how did I become one?
The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) is a regulated price available to Columbia Gas of Ohio customers who do not participate in the CHOICE Program by selecting their own natural gas supplier.

All customers who have not selected their own natural gas supplier automatically become an SCO customer – with the exception of Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) customers – and are assigned a supplier and rate through the annual auction. You’ll find your SCO supplier listed on page 2 of your gas bill under “Charges for Gas Service” and then “Standard Choice Offer (SCO).”

What is the annual gas supply auction?
Each year, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) conducts an auction for interested, eligible natural gas suppliers to supply natural gas to the SCO customers at the regulated rate.
What is the regulated SCO Customer rate for April 2017-March 2018?
The SCO regulated price equals the natural gas market price which is adjusted monthly (NYMEX) plus a Retail Price Adjustment rate which is determined at the annual gas supply auction. For the period April 2017-March 2018, the Retail Price Adjustment is set at $1.45 per Mcf.
What special rate is Volunteer Energy offering Columbia Gas SCO customer?
When you choose Volunteer Energy as your natural gas supplier, we’ll lower your Retail Price Adjustment $1.3485 per Mcf,a savings of 7% for the next 12 months. There is no cancellation fee or long term contract. Just month-to-month supply service. So do it today! It only takes a few minutes to enroll now with Volunteer Energy and save.
Where does the NYMEX and Retail Price Adjustment rate appear on my bill?
Customer service charges are broken down on page 2 of your Columbia Gas bill, in the far right column under “Service Charges Notes.”
What taxes are charged to SCO customers?
Columbia Gas SCO and CHOICE Customers pay sales tax at the current rate in their county. These tax dollars go to state and local governments and does not benefit Columbia Gas or Volunteer Energy.
How do I become a Volunteer Energy Customer?
As an SCO customer, you can enroll with Volunteer Energy at any time without penalty. You will need a recent Columbia Gas bill to enroll online today. Or call us weekdays from 9 AM – 5 PM at 1-800-977-8374.
How long does it take to start receiving my new Volunteer Energy rate?
Usually your service with VE will start one billing cycle after sign up.  You’ll see Volunteer Energy appear on your bill as your natural gas supplier.
When I enroll with Volunteer Energy, will my bill still come from Columbia Gas?
Yes. Columbia gas will continue to deliver your gas, respond to all emergencies and service calls, read your meter and issue your monthly bill. Volunteer Energy will simply be listed on page #2 of your bill under “Charges for Gas Services” as your natural gas supplier, along with your new Retail Price Adjustment rate. If you have questions about your gas supply rate, contact Volunteer Energy. All other questions should be directed to Columbia Gas of Ohio.