Spring Energy Saving Tips: 7 Spring Cleaning Tips that Save Money
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Spring Cleaning Tips that Save Energy

It’s that time of year again! Winter seems to have said it’s final goodbye, and warm temperatures are becoming more than just a sporadic visitor. If you’re like most of us, the sun is shining on your to-do list and the number of the home projects to get finished before the summer arrives is growing by the day!

Perhaps the most dreaded of all spring projects is the big “spring clean”. We know it’s the most intimidating task, but just imagine how great you’ll feel when you finish that last closet and turn around to a house that’s freshly organized and ready for summer. Spring cleaning can seem daunting, but it has both short and long-term benefits to your house and your wallet. (And it is possible to make spring cleaning fun!)

Chances are you don’t always notice all the ways you are wasting energy around the house. However, since you’re going to be getting up close and personal with your home during the spring clean, take our spring energy saving tips to make your home more energy efficient and save BIG over the next year! While you’re scrubbing away and organizing clutter, keep these simple tips in mind.

7 Spring Energy Saving Tips for Your To Do List

Redirect Ceiling Fans

Ever noticed that tiny switch on your ceiling fan? It actually does have a purpose, and it’s one that can save you energy – and money. Flip that switch while you’re dusting to send your fan counterclockwise so you’re not wasting that much-needed A/C in the summer.

Vacuum Refrigerator Coils 

Have you looked behind your refrigerator lately? If you haven’t, let us warn you: it might not be pretty. But if you’re back there cleaning anyway, make sure to dust that build-up on refrigerator coils. The dust forces the fridge to work harder to keep things cold, so it’s worth a few minutes to wipe it down.

Change Air Conditioning Filters

While you’re wiping down your vents, take a few extra minutes to check out your filters. If you can’t remember the last time you changed them, take the time to do it now. Not only will it improve air quality, but it will make sure your system isn’t wasting energy. Changing air filters bi-monthly is a good rule of thumb to save on energy costs.

Reset Programmable Thermostats

If you use a smart thermostat, chances are they’ve already picked up on changing temperature preferences. However, since you’re in warm-weather prep mode, take a few minutes to adjust your programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats are great tools for saving energy and money, and they’re incredibly easy to use.

Caulk Air Leaks

While it’s true that some energy-saving repairs might require a handyman, caulking air leaks is not one of them! For just a few dollars, purchase some caulk to seal any open air leaks, especially around windows. Doing so will ensure that precious air-conditioned cool air stays where it belongs—inside!

Inspect Sliding Doors

If your home has a sliding glass door, take a few minutes to get all the grit and grime out of the track. The buildup can ruin the door’s seal and create gaps where heat or cold air can escape.

Don’t Neglect Your Laundry Room

We have an entire post dedicated to making your laundry room more energy efficient.

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming, but knowing you’ll start saving energy (and money) after you finish will make the entire process more rewarding. It’ll be worth it in the end!

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